Saturday, 24 August 2013

Marilyn Ramos (Miss SA 2012)

It’s that time yet again, where the beauty Queen of the nation has to face other beauty Queens of other nations at the world’s most glamour’s event of the year (THE MISS WORLD PAGEANT). Is she ready yes, well we hope. Is she beautiful hell yes .Is she prepared well we would like to think so. My biggest question is who has designed all the dresses, because he or she is a lucky person to have the opportunity to work with such a gorgeous person. I must say she has to be the best Miss South Africa ever, if South Africa has a chance to bring the crown home it has to be with her. Well what I can just say is good luck to all the other Queens because Marilyn Ramos is surely above them. She has made a big effort to look beautiful. Marilyn surly has a great body because she has rocked the most daring dresses and outfit that some people can’t. Fly the flag high girl cause, no one else will everything depends on you.