Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Up Close With Linkol Of Linx Pose

Content producer, Fashion designer, Makeup Artist and something I did not know “Musician” these are just a few talents behind linkol of Linx Pose.

I sat down with Linkol, with the plan of getting to know a bit more about fashion and fashion designing. Instead I got to get more insight on the crazy and I my view exciting life of Linkol.  Which I thought revolved around fashion, but little did I know it revolved around music and fashion.  

Linkol “in my view” is one of the most talented designers in South Africa. Having been featured in South Africa’s biggest magazines such as Elle, You and Drama just to name a few. This is a man who knows exactly what he want, having said this it shows that Linkol is full of determination and persistence.

Having not made fashion his first career choice, but instead studied Sport Management at UJ God made it a point that this talent is not lost. Linkol won the Foschini fashion Bursary and studied at the Vaal University and Can I say! This was the being of his fashion career.

When the opportunity to become a co-designer at Luv Dr (brand owned by the fabulous Dineo Ranaka). This was a big career break many designers would think so, but Linkol says “it was an opportunity that got people in the right places calling me now ,not me calling them anymore for opportunities, am so greatful to Dineo for it”.

Linkol met Dineo at one of Vuzu’s shows “10 over 10” whilst he was a makeup artist there and Dineo was one of the days commentators. This was a business match made in heaven cause on that day Dineo was looking for a creative illustrate “in my language Fashion illustrate” and Linkol was at the right place, at the right time with, the right people. Linkol made a life time friend and has been featured in Dineo’s Dairy season 2 and soon to be one your screen season 3.

Linkol does not want to be known as a fashion designer yet! But he would like been known for his musical career first. He says “being famous for being a designer will make it difficult to break into his music career, but being a musician will not make it hard to break into the fashion industry. The musical industry is a bit difficult then the fashion industry, he ends by say he would not mind a fashion label one day”


Q&A Time

Who’s your customer? “I don’t have a fashion designer consultant, I design what the customer wants.”

After many chances in fashion, don’t you think you should stick with fashion? “No/ I’ve been singing since I was 2 years. I believe God gave me this talent for a reason”

Why Linx Pose? “Firstly am Linxie Linx now, am trying to ran away from Linx Pose because its my fashion Brand. But to answer your question linx comes from “Linkol” which is my second name and people call me linx and well I love posing thus I called it Linx Pose”

What is Fashion? “It’s a personal interpretation of what is to come in clothing. Fashion can never be backwards, fashion must be modern and futuristic.”

What is the difference between fashion and style? “Style is a way of wearing what’s already popular and its part of fashion. All in all they is no difference between the two.”

Thanks for your time Linkol #muchrespect #muchlove #lovelux

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