Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Summer looks 2013

Summer looks, that’s my heading! But before I start on summer looks what is summer for me? It’s not only the season that comes before winter or the season after spring. Summer is the time to show of your body, I don’t mean to look like a prostitute (hooker) but to show it of in a respectful way. At the same time if you are a fully figured person you can still show of body and still look sexy. Am sure you asked yourself what I mean when I say show of your body. Well I actually mean two things one being to show of your skin by wearing short clothing E.g. denim hot pant shorts, high waist short and short maxi dresses and Wendy Wrap Front Ponte Skirt or by wearing long, flowy and tight clothing E.g. long maxi dresses, skinny jeans and strappy swing dresses
These are the best looks for summer  

Best accessorises for summer 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

What is victoria's secret?

This is a question a thousands of people would like an answer to. Over the years I would like to think I know what the secret is. In any Victoria’s secret fashion show they is always that element of surprise that one thing everyone will be talking about for years. Be it a new angel or the fantasia bra a hot performance or a hot per of wings you sure to have something that shocks you. Victoria’s secret to me is a sexy, fit, beautiful, playful woman, a woman that’s not scared to take risks on her body. Candice Swanepoel, Adriana lima, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen kroes and many more angels are surly a great example of Victoria’s secret. With this years fashion show already done and dusted we can’t wait for it to air. It will be airing on the 10th December 2013 and promise to be the best yet with 6 different scene’s you surly have to watch it. This year Candice Swanepoel has the honour of opening the show in a $10 million fantasia bra.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Miss world 2013 (Megan Young)

Beauty and brains, this best describes Megan Young or should I say Miss Philippines or better yet Miss world 2013. Miss world 2013 doesn’t only have teeth which look like gold by also a pure golden heart. She shows that beauty does not only bring in a salary but can also do good for others. Miss world 2013 is a walking piece of art and a peace ambassador. Miss world 2013 promises to be the best Miss world ever and wonder who will every fit into her shoes. She is also every designers dream Barbie doll. To the new Miss world I hope you enjoy your journey congratulation to you.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fashion At Launches

Well do we ever know what to wear at a launch? Because you never get a colour scheme or a theme. So do you go crazy and outrages, big or bold, colour or plain. Launches always have a lot of media so you always have to dress to kill. People always tend to wear long dresses and suits, but is it a must? Do you have to look all formal, or can u just go with your personality? My answers to this is have your own theme and rock it, make a long lasting statement and make sure everyone remembers you for who you are. Be it a magazine, film, product, or shops launch make sure you enjoy it. Always look good because if you look good you feel good, and you enjoy life. Because you never know who you will meet or who can see you

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Marilyn Ramos (Miss SA 2012)

It’s that time yet again, where the beauty Queen of the nation has to face other beauty Queens of other nations at the world’s most glamour’s event of the year (THE MISS WORLD PAGEANT). Is she ready yes, well we hope. Is she beautiful hell yes .Is she prepared well we would like to think so. My biggest question is who has designed all the dresses, because he or she is a lucky person to have the opportunity to work with such a gorgeous person. I must say she has to be the best Miss South Africa ever, if South Africa has a chance to bring the crown home it has to be with her. Well what I can just say is good luck to all the other Queens because Marilyn Ramos is surely above them. She has made a big effort to look beautiful. Marilyn surly has a great body because she has rocked the most daring dresses and outfit that some people can’t. Fly the flag high girl cause, no one else will everything depends on you.   

Monday, 8 July 2013

Durban July 2013

Too much ,was not much at all at this years Durban July .With hats as high as the sky, the sky was really the limit. It was blast of colour at the Greyville race course , with the most well tailored dresses  and suits , worn by South Africa most sexiest people. It was a perfect day for the theme ‘’Posh oh my Gosh’’ . The event was attended by the likes of MinnIe  Dlamini, Marilyn Ramos, Celebrity male designer Paledi Segapo, Celebrity Female designer Gert Johan Coetzee and the new face of Revlon ,the Queen B( Bonang Matheba) that’s  just a few of the people that attended. Thanks to all the fashion designers that always make the people of the South Africa Beautiful and drop died gorgeous  at all the event.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

SA Fashion week Summer/spring 2013

The SA Fashion week Summer/Spring 2013 show kicked off two days ago. This is every South african fashion designers dream to one day show case his/her collection on that platform. This event is attended by South Africa's most influential people in the fashion and media industry. This is no childs play for South African fashion designers. As we know in fashion one day you in and the next you are out. This is where South africa's top designers showcase they talent and they hard work. This years fashion week was not different ,South Africa's best showcased they absolute best. The likes of Jen su, pearl thusi and anele mdoda attended the show.Congragulations to all the designers for a job well do you are all true artists.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ilaphlam afrikan fashion journal

Ilaphlam afrikan fashion journal is a digital magazine started by East London born fashion designer  Anam Xinwa. Ilaphlam mag forces on South African fashion designers and South african fashion as a whole and everything surrounding fashion in South Africa. In other words Ilaphlam mag is a high fashion maganzine. Founder Anam Xinwa moved from East London to to the city of gold (Gauteng)
to bring his dreams to life. This is where Ilaphlam afrikan fashion journal was born. Ilaphlam is on its third edition which to me is a great success, congratulations to Ilaphlam mag they have a great team. Please do read the magazine here is the link you will not be disappointed issuu.com/riddimmaster/docs/ilaphlam03?mode=window&viewMode=doublePagenjoy.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

What is fashion

As i was sitting in my bed thinking what is fashion, is it wearing the most expensive brands or the most flashy clothes ? So what is fashion ? Fashion is the ability to wear clothes that suit you, suit your body, your skin tone,your character and your personality. Those or the major things in fashion . Cothes that you wear should make a statement where ever you are people should always remember you for what you wear more then anything. Remember the saying that says ''first impression count the most " thats true so always make sure you look good even if you in the garden

Friday, 8 February 2013


Last week everybody was the Mother city in the capital of South Africa the whose who in the country was their . It was a colourful week end .The Theme was "made to fly" everyone got the theme right ,they really looked good in they awesome outfits really flashy if you ask me. 2013 was a busy year this was a good way to start the year a well organised event . This event is no other an the one and only  J&B Mets celebz looked beautiful  E.g. Bonang, Jennie D , Lala and much much more this is the best event of the year.


Monday, 14 January 2013


Alot of good thing have happpend in South Africa during the festive. Congratulations to Bonang , dj sbu and trevour noah on making it to forbes mag
CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!! to David Tlale on being on the italian vogue and being and his re invite to NYFW