Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Summer looks 2013

Summer looks, that’s my heading! But before I start on summer looks what is summer for me? It’s not only the season that comes before winter or the season after spring. Summer is the time to show of your body, I don’t mean to look like a prostitute (hooker) but to show it of in a respectful way. At the same time if you are a fully figured person you can still show of body and still look sexy. Am sure you asked yourself what I mean when I say show of your body. Well I actually mean two things one being to show of your skin by wearing short clothing E.g. denim hot pant shorts, high waist short and short maxi dresses and Wendy Wrap Front Ponte Skirt or by wearing long, flowy and tight clothing E.g. long maxi dresses, skinny jeans and strappy swing dresses
These are the best looks for summer  

Best accessorises for summer 

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