Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Difference Between Fashion And Style

Fashion is the collection a designer showcases twice a year, its clothes that walk down a runway wore by a model something new and different.
Now you ask yourself what does it means to be a fashionable or a fashionista.
·         To be fashionable in my understanding, means to be able to take clothes from the runway and rock them on the street, mall or parties. The ability to know what pieces from whose collection to mix up and make a great outfit.

·         To be a fashionista means that, you are able to translate what you see from runways, on to your daily wear. It means you can give meaning to runways outfits.

Style is something that you are born with and you work on your style. When you stylish it means you have the ability to work and put on great outfits. Each person has they personal and unique style. Your style is something you have put energy in, something you put your life in, something that’s hard to change, something you know, that you and only you have and no one else.
Style and fashion are two very similar things yet at the same time very different. Style is something you are born with. Fashion is something seen on runways created by our favourite designers. Style is style and no one can change your style. Fashion is changeable twice a year from autumn/winter to spring/summer. STYLE LIVES FOREVER AND FASHION CHANGES FROM TIME TO TIME 

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