Saturday, 19 July 2014

Beat Magazine SA Awards 2014

Last week Saturday the 12 July at 8 o’clock the first Annual Beat Magazine SA Awards took place. The prestige ceremony took place at the East London Guild Theatre.  Fashionistas, fashion designers, stylists, musicians, everyone was there to grace this historical event the first of its kind in East London. The event was a huge success a big congratulations to the team and organises, but that’s not why we were there. I went on to check and see who got it right and who ‘’EISH’’ got it wrong.

This is what i call red carpet looks, not too much and not too                                     simple just on point. Just daring enough.

Ya ya ya. i don't know this is surly not for her body or age. a little bit of accessories would have helped a bit.  
Gorgeous suit, though i would have loved it if it was a bit toned                                                       down. The print was a bit too much, but it still works.
Great outfit, wrong place and time.
Disasters shame gold disco and  the purple dress looked like it                         belonged to a Broadway show. 

The looks East London thought were nice

Beautiful people, awesome night 

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